Based in Lilydale, Victoria State (near Melbourne), Long Range Automotive (LRA) offers direct-fit extended range fuel tank to serve expedition, long-distance travel and hauling needs. Their products make it possible to buy fuel when the price is right and be prepared for the long haul.

Melbourne is home to Australia's auto industry and features a large pool of experienced workers that produce world-class products to get you home, safely.

LRA is a family owned and operated business, whose products are built by specialists with three decades of experience, serving customers around the world.

Long Range America (LRam) partners with LRA to make Australian fuel tanks available for North American customers and their vehicles. Click on the image at right to hear our story in a short video.

Modern Craftsmen / Modern Tools

LRA uses the latest 3D modeling software to design and build over 200 different tank models. Precision CAD 3D models and drawings are produced for all tanks.

LRA uses Hypertherm plasma cutting systems in the fabrication of their tanks. HyPerformance’ CNC plasma profile cutting system with ‘True Hole’ technology deliver product accuracy while ensuring productivity. All welds are full penetration corner to corner MIG welded, using a high-quality inert shielding gas and level layer wound MIG wire to ensure good welding penetration and exclusion of porosity in the weld.

Tanks are fully internally baffled and an expansion chamber is incorporated in the design of the tank.

All tanks are pressure tested and checked by two separate quality control procedures. Every kit includes brass threaded hose barb fittings, stainless steel hose clamps and high tensile bolts with Nyloc nuts.

LRA in North America

LRA products have been seen in North America for decades – available through shops, resellers and do-it-yourself owners. Cruiser Brothers has known LRA products for years and in early 2017, began a path that resulted in a new role as exclusive US agent for LRA.

LRA and Cruiser Brothers work together to adapt and improve current products to meet the needs of US-spec vehicles. We also partner to build new products to meet the needs of Toyota, Jeep and Land Rover vehicles – among others.


Long Range America supports all of the products that Long Range Automotive offers, over 300 tank kits developed over the last three decades.

The most popular tanks in North America are listed in our catalog. If you need something for a non-US spec vehicle, just email Ward to tell us what you need, or call him at 209-636-0831.

Our task is great and the work demanding, but rewarding as well. Long days, time zone adjustments, all pay off through new business opportunities and new friends.