Find an Authorized Dealer or Installing Shop

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Long Range America products are available in several ways. We work with authorized dealers across the USA and Canada who can provide you with turn-key services for purchase and installation of LRA fuel tanks and Kaymar bumpers and carrier systems.

Authorized dealers purchase from Long Range America are subject to a detailed agreement laying out roles, responsibilities and commitments to provide you with a turn-key experience to meet your needs.

You can also purchase directly from us, for installation at a non-dealer shop of your choice. Here is some information for you to consider.

Purchase from an Authorized Dealer

  1. Long Range America distributes and sells fuel tanks and bumpers. We do not install these items – that’s why we partner with leading specialist firms to meet your needs.
  2. Our dealers are independent firms and Long Range America is not responsible for the performance of those firms or the efficacy of their services, beyond the products that we provide for resale to end-users.
  3. There are many benefits to working with a Long Range America authorized dealer.  Dealers have direct access to Long Range America Sales, Service, and Technical support.  Dealers also have priority when it comes to in stock items.  Dealers have the ability to take you from purchase to installation, and if ever needed service; making the experience seamless.
  4. Authorized dealers are also more likely to specialize in tank and bumper systems, resulting in better trained and experienced staff.
  5. And sometimes, things happen – an adjustment, repair or warranty claim – all can better be resolved if there is a close working relationship between supplier (Long Range America) and dealer/installer.

Purchase from Long Range America

Three basic options:  

  1. Purchase a tank or bumper (or both!) for do-it-yourself installation.
  2. Purchase for installation at an unaffiliated shop.
  3. Purchase when you have not yet selected a dealer or shop.

Our products can often be in short supply due to high demand and limited availability. We try to keep products on the shelf and on the way, but sometimes it is necessary to take purchase orders when tank or bumper needs to be built, shipped, etc., arriving a month or two down the line.

We are happy to take purchase orders with the customer in #3 above, for transfer of the deposit/purchase to the dealer to complete the sale.

Questions? Call, text, or email Khris Korell and we will get it done for you!

Shop Owner? Interested in Being an Authorized Dealer

We want to hear from you. Our dealers are our customers and partners and Long Range America works hard to help create more and better relationships for the automotive professionals with whom we work.

Please call or email co-founder Ward Harris for more information about our dealer program and how we support our partners with products, support and customer referrals. No buy-ins, mandatory stock orders, or corporate tattoo required.