Long Range America and our partners are here to help every step of the way. Our bundled relationship pricing and project management approach are designed to give our clients every opportunity to acquire better, safer and more efficient solutions for their adventure travel and daily commute.

Here’s how:

Have a Plan

  1. Begin with an end in mind – identify your objective
  2. List the functional goals for your upgrades – safety, range, comfort, traction, offroad maneuverability, etc.
  3. Set a reasonable budget based upon your financial resources and personal / family circumstances
  4. Rate your upgrades in terms of:
    • Is it mission critical? Need vs. want
    • Urgency? Sooner, later, some day?
    • Cost? Product cost plus installation
  5. Rank your upgrades in a likely order of acquisition

Execute the Plan

  1. Search, research and select the best solutions for your needs.
  2. Build a calendar as well as a budget. Do what you can when you can.
  3. Bundle your purchases with vendors that offer multiple options where possible.
  4. Negotiate purchase agreements that best meet your functional and financial needs. These may include:
    • Forward commitments and staged discounts during the build project, over time
    • Sourcing of hard to get components
    • Access to capable installers where needed


Don’t wait until the project is done.

  • As improvements are made, try them out, see how components work and make changes as appropriate.
  • Learn how to use your vehicle to meet your stated objective and functional goals.
  • Enjoy the ride.