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LRA has offered a broad range of Jeep tanks for decades. The firm distributes Jeep tanks around the world with large markets in Australia, Asia and Europe. The photos below show LRA co-owner Roger Beimers at a huge offroad event in Western China. LRA sells a lot of Jeep tanks in Asia.


North American sales were mostly DIY imports until Long Range America began serving as exclusive agent in 2017. One such owner import was Stephen Shannon, the Home4x4Guy who brought home a LRA tank from an Australian vacation. His at-home installation video can be seen here. 

Long Range America (LRAM)

Ward Harris and Georg Ester are owners of LRAM, based in Eagle, Idaho. LRAM’s Jeep offering includes TJs, JKs, Grand Cherokees, Grand Waggoneers, Commanders and Cherokees. We support LRA through direct sales and a network of dealers in USA and Canada. We maintain inventory in North America and order for stock production monthly, with both sea and air delivery to our warehouse.

Our Our first Jeep sale install was in 2017, to Chris Speyer from Austin, Texas.  That’s him in the photo at left.

LRA  continues to develop kits for new and exciting Jeep models. The JL 4 door is here, with the 2 door and JT Gladiator on the way.

See the listing for your vehicle – learn more and “Request A Quote” at the links shown.

Other customers followed, including Chris Shontz of Venture4WD, a popular YouTube adventurer, overlander, bon vivant and YouTube channel host.  Chris and the crew at OK4WD were instrumental in helping us develop our installation guide and owners’ manual.  See his tank-related videos here and here.

MakeYearsFitmentKit # / SKUFuelTypeUS GalsUS RetailShipping & Availability
Jeep2012-2018Wrangler JK - 4 doorJWJK2PA36PetrolAux12.1$1,895Request a Quote
Jeep2012-2018Wrangler JK 3.6l - 4 doorJWJKPA36PetrolAux15.8$1,895Request a Quote
Jeep2007-2011Wrangler JK 3.8l - 4 doorJWJKPAPetrolAux17.2$1,895Request a Quote
Jeep2003 - 2006Wrangler TJJTTJA03PetrolAux11.9$1,895Request a Quote
Jeep1996-2002Wrangler TJJWTJA9702PetrolAux11.9$1,895Request a Quote
Jeep2018-2020Wrangler JL 4 door 3.6lJWJLPAPetrolAux17$1,895Request a Quote