Long Range America (LRAM) is proud to serve as agent for Long Range Automotive (LRA) in North America. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. LRA tanks have been imported and sold here for over twenty years and we have been the exclusive distributor since 2017.

LRAM is based in Boise, Idaho and makes LRA products available through a network of dealers across the USA and Canada.  We place production orders every month for sea transport (containers of tanks for inventory) and air transport (pallet sized expedited / rush orders)


Please take a moment to visit the Tank section here and learn more about why, what, how and who.


Navigate to the Shop / Save page of our site, then search the tank list to see tanks that will fit your vehicle, then view the online tank listing, including photos and a link to our instruction document. When you are ready, just hit the Request A Quote button for the individual kit you are interested in and fill out the form.

We will take your request and convert it into a Custom Tank Proposal based upon your vehicle, needs and preferences, including shipping to your preferred location – an LRAM dealer, another shop or our freight carrier’s local terminal.

When it arrives in your email inbox, all of the important details will be provided so support your decision.

And remember – at any time in the process, you are welcome to call or email with questions.

800-224-7801, ext. 101 or sales@longrangeamerica.com