SUMMER STOCK SALE for All Long Range Tank Kits


Starts July 5 – Extended to August 15th

Will run until production order and container are filled – based upon response and orders, may be two weeks, may be July 31 – we don’t know.


To give customers what they want, when they want it. 

For that reason, we place production orders for container-sized shipments by sea. This helps to load-balance our inventory and orders shipping via container. In order to fill containers with products people want (vs. what we think they will order in a month) we are offering incentives to folks to plan their purchases and help us make sure the right products get ordered in July, produced in August and arrive in USA in early September. We will fulfill purchased items from our inventory of over 120 tanks on hand/in transit IF AVAILAVLE and otherwise order the sold tank for production and get it here ASAP.

How Much

Three Ways to Save:

  • Price Discount - $100 off the retail price
  • Rebate - $100 gift card upon installation and review (comments on install, instructions, photos and a review good or bad on our LRAM Facebook page)
  • Military Discount - $100 off the retail price
  • Bundle and Ship With a Friend – Two, three or four tanks on a pallet ship for the same price as one


Plan your build, plan your purchase

And if you are ready to order, hit the Request a Quote link to provide us with information necessary to quote your order, including availability – on hand in the warehouse, in transit or for production and arrival in September.


All Terms Apply to Dealer Sales

  • If you would like a dealer referral, please note on your Request A Quote response
  • We are adding new dealers all the time, so if you have a shop that you use, please let us know and we will call to discuss joining the network
  • If you own an automotive shop and would like to be a dealer, please note on your Request A Quote response

Ready to get started?

View Long Range Automotive tanks and request a quote, or if you have questions, contact us.