Our Team


LONG RANGE AMERICA is an importer, distributor and retailer of unique automotive upgrade systems. “Lram” as we call it grew out of the partnership between Ward Harris and Georg Esterer. Ward has thirty years of product development and business management experience (banking and institutional financial services) and Georg has over twenty-five years of experience in automotive technology – parts and service.

Starting in 2015, the two friends developed a range of relationships in Australia, importing and distributing a wide range of repair kits, parts and accessories, primarily for offroad Toyotas. As the offshore representative for the business, Ward reached out to the owners of Long Range Automotive (LRA) – Australia’s leading manufacturer of steel fuel tanks. Georg had installed their tanks for over a decade and had great respect for the products and the firm.

After Ward’s meeting in Melbourne, commitments were made and Cruiser Brothers became LRA’s exclusive North American agent. A significant element of the “American contribution” to the alliance was and is local development and enhancement of LRA products to work with North American emission systems.

Since the first order in October 2017, hundreds of LRA tanks have been delivered to North American customers and six new or improved tank kits have been added to meet the needs of our marketplace.

Given the success of the tank offering and addition of Kaymar bars to the catalogue, it became clear that a dedicated service platform to market, sell and support customers for these systems. As a result, the decision was taken to create a separate business to meet the needs of those clients – and Long Range America was born, with Ward as manager, and Ward and Georg as owners.

Long Range America is a Washington registered limited liability company. Based in Western Washington, Ward travels extensively to serve our customers and shop partners and work closely with alliance partners in Australia.


CRUISER BROTHERS is a recognized leader in specialized repair kits, parts and accessories for Toyota trucks and offroad vehicles – Land Cruisers, 4Runners and their 8 million siblings.

The firm specializes in mechanical components – engine, transmission, transfer case and differential components – the “drivetrain” that provides motive power and delivers traction to the ground.

Georg operates the parts business from a facility shared with his other business, Valley Hybrids. Cruiser Brothers provides logistical support – shipping, receiving and warehousing as a contract service provider.


VALLEY HYBRIDS is a nationally recognized leader in the offroad Toyota community, Valley Hybrids is known for creative and technically challenging work on a wide range of Toyota vehicles – from stock to mild to wild – for daily commutes, expedition and rock-crawling.

VH is a great resource for LRam – helping us to meet customer needs through enhancement of our partners’ products and development of new solutions to meet new and evolving needs.

Our Game Plan

Tanks, bars and seats are all we do. With our business and technical resources, we deliver our products to meet the needs of long-distance travelers and adventurers with passion and commitment based upon:

  • FOCUS – We are committed to a small number of unique, premium products that deliver superior value.
  • SERVICE – We do not sell online – only through personalized proposals once we understand what you want, how you want it and how we can ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • REPUTATION – We are lifelong auto enthusiasts and we have spent the last five years building a safe place to meet the needs of long-range travelers. Long-Range America is a small firm that does big things and both owners are directly involved in all aspects of our business - every day. Our policy is full disclosure, deep collaboration and a “make it right” attitude. We make a lot of mistakes but we own them and fix them.

Ask around and you will hear what our customers, suppliers and competitors think of us. The buck stops here.



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