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LONG RANGE AMERICA delivers unique automotive upgrade systems. “LRAM” drew its first breathe in 2015 to bring Australian-made repair kits and accessories to these shores.  We now support Long Range Automotive and Kaymar as exclusive agents for all of North America   We partner with champions to deliver unique and valuable products that support safe and secure long-distance travel.

Toyota specialists like Georg Esterer, Cristo Slee and Gary Kardum had been importing to serve client need but early this century, emission systems evolved and US rigs needed something extra.

Ward Harris and Georg Esterer sought to do something that would allow Long Range Automotive fuel tanks to be sold in the USA on a broad scale.  To make this happen both men drew upon their years of experience.  Georg had the mechanical wherewithal to support technical and design changes in coordination with the Australian manufacturer.  Ward had the business knowledge and experience to build a business that was based upon dealer relationships to serve the needs of expedition, adventure and long-distance travelers – on and off the road.

From 2017 the firm has grown the market’s awareness of Long Range Automotive tanks in concert with over fifty leading shops and automotive dealers across the USA and Canada.

In 2019 Khris Korell was introduced to the LRAM family.  It was a partnership opportunity that created immediate value for our customers, our partners and the owners of the firm.  Khris has an extensive background in military, healthcare, and backcountry operations.  Khris filled a gap in the LRAM family, leading our sales and marketing efforts.

Change is always bound to come.  Mid-year, 2020, Georg Esterer decided that his role with LRAM would be best served from a senior advisory position, supporting technical issues – both developmental and historical.  We welcomed him into that role and he continues to assist, advise, and promote LRA and Kaymar as an advisor and as an installing dealer.

As co-owners, Ward and Khris continue to grow our team and capabilities to meet the evolving needs and preferences of the over the road and adventure travel communities.    For us it is a mission and a calling as well as a business.   We all love what the week brings but live for the weekends when the pavement ends.

Our Game Plan

Tanks, bars and seats are all we do. With our business and technical resources, we deliver our products to meet the needs of long-distance travelers and adventurers with passion and commitment based upon:

  • FOCUS – We are committed to a small number of unique, premium products that deliver superior value.
  • SERVICE – We do not sell online – only through personalized proposals once we understand what you want, how you want it and how we can ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • REPUTATION – We are lifelong auto enthusiasts and we have spent the last five years building a safe place to meet the needs of long-range travelers. Long-Range America is a small firm that does big things and both owners are directly involved in all aspects of our business – every day. Our policy is full disclosure, deep collaboration and a “make it right” attitude. We make a lot of mistakes but we own them and fix them.

Ask around and you will hear what our customers, suppliers and competitors think of us. The buck stops here.

Ours is a team sport, comprised of supplier like Long Range Automotive and Kaymar in Australia – plus dozens of dealer and distributor partners across the USA and Canada.

We started the business to provide unique and valuable products to the marketplace through industry leaders – independent offroad shops, vehicle dealerships and manufacturers.

Our growth and success is thanks to their hard work, support and commitment.

After years with operations split between Washington and California, we now have a single location in Boise, Idaho. All staff are housed in the same place, with offices, warehouse, parts, shipping, product development/management, marketing and (coming soon), showroom. When you are in town or around, come see us!