Recovery Gear


After three decades of technical four-wheel drive adventures and competition, careers in commercial diving and equipment manufacturing, our founder, Richard Sheridan, saw more than his share of people in dangerous situations.  Watching average people with limited training put their life and equipment on the line (literally) because of poor quality safety equipment, he knew he could do more.

Freedom Recovery Gear was founded in 2019 with the vision of producing honestly rated recovery products for recreational off road vehicle drivers to increase safety in critical and potentially dangerous situations.

The sad truth is that most of the recovery equipment sold to consumers does not have accurate and repeatable load ratings.  Whether no-name or big name, recovery products are sold with more marketing hype than real engineering and testing.  In side by side testing most fall shockingly short of advertised breaking strength.

Working Load Limits (WLL) are a safety factor of Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).  This could be 2:1 or even 5:1 ratio.    If you want to have a WLL of 8,000lbs, you may want a MBS of 40,000lbs to allow for shock, wear and fatigue of the device.  If the tested MBS is actually 22,000lbs, the safety factor is far less than you anticipate and the WLL is really about 4,400lbs.

Freedom Recovery Gear builds, real-world and independently laboratory tests and rates their synthetic recovery products. All of our cordage products are made in Canada from high strength synthetic rope manufactured in Canada. The facility our rope is manufactured in is an ISO 9001 certified production facility, which means they track the process from start to finish. Our products are honestly rated so our customers can make safe and informed decisions when selecting gear, they rely on for their personal and vehicle safety.  When we provide a rating of a MBS or WLL, it is based on data from actual destructive tests performed on each type of product to determine true Working Load Limits and Minimum Breaking Strength.

While our MBS ratings may seem low, they are honest rating. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers out there, big names and small, over-rating the products they sell. At Freedom Recovery Gear Ltd., we start with premium Canadian made rope with Dyneema® SK78 Fibre sourced from Europe. Our products start with the highest integral quality that shines through.

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