1. Do your research, plan your project, coordinate with other components
  2. Select a tank (or tanks), for shop or DIY installation
  3. Place your order, three timelines:
    • On hand, in stock (delivery next week)
    • On order from Australia (delivery this month)
    • Special order from Australia (delivery next month)


  1. Long Range tanks travel with YRC Freight
  2. Regular communications regarding status, timing & delivery schedule
  3. Delivery options:
    1. YRC terminal for pick-up
    2. Commercial location / forklift
    3. Commercial location / no forklift (additional charges apply)
LRA Engineering


  1. Most tanks may be installed by a skilled owner with appropriate tools.
  2. We strongly recommend that the tank is installed by a trained professional.
  3. Professional installation is available through referral to selected, regional partners.
  4. Long Range will ship to and support:
    • Referred shops (including our on-site partner at Valley Hybrids in Stockton, CA)
    • Vehicle owner for DIY installation
    • Unaffiliated shop selected by vehicle owner

Is a DIY installation right for you?
What do you expect from a professional installer?

Watch the video to view a 45-minute video of Ryan Bascom of OTRAMM as he installs a Long Range auxiliary tank in a Land Cruiser 200 Series.