Why register?

We want you to have a flawless experience with your purchase of a Long Range Automotive tank, but sometimes things we need to make repairs, replacements, etc. This form is our way to keep track of our tanks after they leave the warehouse.

We need to collect this information within thirty days of kit purchase – whether direct sale from LRAM, dealer sale or private transaction/resale. No claims for coverage can be accepted without your registration on file prior to claim.

Also, we sometimes make improvements to our in-service products and there may even be recalls. For these reasons as well, we need this information. Please help us serve and support you.

If you have questions about this registration form or our limited warranty, please email us at service@longrangeamerica.com.

Register Your Tank

  • See sample below.
  • From your invoice or welded plate on side of tank see sample below.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY