Lexus GX 460 – 2010-2023

  • Fuel: Gas
Lexus GX 460 - 2010-2023

Our suite of solutions adapt Lexus GX 460s for long-range travel and help take you the distance. Long Range America tanks provide safe, secure storage of vehicle fuel. They are made in Australia by certified craftsmen in a family-owned factory in its third decade of operation.

Long Range Tanks for Lexus GX 460 - 2010-2023

Lexus GX 460 & Toyota 5G 4Runner

Increase your tank capacity by 101%
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Type: Auxiliary
  • US GALS: 24

Accessories and Products for Lexus GX 460 - 2010-2023

KAON Rear Door Cage to Suit Lexus GX460

GX460/Prado150- Rear Door Basket Cage

KAON Rear Door Drop Down Table to Suit Lexus GX 460

Take your "kitchen counter" on the road!

KAON Light Cargo & Pet Barrier to Suit Lexus GX 460

The Cargo & Pet Barrier protects seated occupants from cargo movement from rear of vehicle.